3 oktober 2017

Who am I? What is my Work?

There's two major questions that pop up from time to time, in search for doing something meaningful, expressing yourself fully and going into a ‘flow’-modus. Otto Scharmer, author of the book Theory U, brought those two questions into the business world. “Who is my self?” and “What is my work?”, where "self" refers to your highest future possibility and "work" is your sense of purpose or calling.

Letting in a future as it wants to emerge

The connection to those two questions breaks the pattern of building a future based on the past and letting in a future as it wants to emerge. You don’t get quick-fix answers. The answers emanate from an inner place, called consciousness. A place where you feel connected to Source and the world as a whole.

How do you get there? 

It’s the moment you become aware or you feel that something isn’t quite working anymore. You loose your energy, your joy, you feel alone, disconnected or stuck. You experience in your life or work a world that’s dying, and at the same time you experience a world that is wanting to be born.

The crack

Otto Scharmer calls this the crack. And as we all know, when there is a crack, the light gets in, dixit Leonard Cohen. It is this in-between space where fear, insecurity, not knowing, … pops up . It’s that process of wanting to hold on, knowing you have to let go. Otto Scharmer defines the crack as a kind of an opening of a future possibility that speaks to you or wants to speak to you. It’s not like someone else’s future, but it’s somehow kind of connecting to you. How would you know? From the heart. We connect to the future, not with the head but with the heart first. So it’s something you feel. You only have to listen and follow your intuition.

Wanting to contribute from the heart

I sense a big need in getting these two questions answered. Maybe it’s because of the time whe're living in. A time of institutional failure, climate change, poverty, terrorism,… The working of the world isn’t aligned anymore with who we are. Consciousness is rising. More and more people connect to what is really present and are called to make a difference, to contribute to a better, more loving and joyful world. Knowing your talents is the starting point in making the difference you want to make and to contribute based on who you really are. 

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