20 April 2018

May 7: Work Mobility Day

Monday, May 7, the business management students of the Artevelde University will be organizing the “Work Mobility Day”. Companies situated in the region Ghent and Sint-Niklaas will open their doors for one day and employees will get the chance to experience a workday in another company. The initiative welcomes all types of employees, ranging from directors to administrative assistants, from mechanics to policy officers.  

Expanding horizons

 This project is part of the students their bachelor’s thesis. Evelien Vervaet, legal practice student: “With this initiative we’d like to give rumor to work mobility and offer organizations and employees the possibility to expand their horizon in a low-threshold way, to inspire them and to experience an instructive day by practice-based learning in another organization. The internal PR within the organizations will contribute to a culture where employees are mobile throughout their career.”

On the lookout for organizations and participants

There are two groups of students working on this project, one in the region Ghent and the other in the region Sint-Niklaas. Evelien: “We are still on the lookout for companies and participants. Our bachelor’s thesis also encompasses a written part, in which we will set out a comprehensive literature study on work mobility combined with a profound survey. We are very curious about the results. Although we are students and haven’t yet started our career, this subject got us thinking. Apparently one third of all employees doesn’t feel themselves that useful at work. Work mobility can be the solution for employees to enable a shift in their career.

Talent Scan

The UQ Talent Mobility Platform will be the backbone of the day. Participants will receive gain insight into their talents thanks to the UQ Talent Scan. The obtained information will be useful whilst choosing a workplace that fits their talents and passions best. At the end of the day we’ve planned an after work drink where the organizations and employees can meet up and share their experiences with each other.


Facebook: Dag van de Arbeidsmobiliteit
Twitter: @talentswitch

More info: talentswitch.sintniklaas@uqtalents.com

Source: Veerle van Beeck for hrmagazine.be

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